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Super powered trivia

Trivia Hero

The fast and furious quiz, that lets players test their wits against the clock.

"Alexa play Trivia Hero"
"Hey Google talk to Trivia Hero"
Become a fact wizard

True or False

A fun, friendly way for families to learn together and challenge common myths.

"Alexa play True or False"
"Hey Google talk to True or False"
One word, choices

Would You Rather?

Answer questions to see how similar you really are to your friends - and total strangers!

"Alexa play Would You Rather"
"Hey Google talk to Would You Rather"
Wake up + smell the trivia

The Daily Quiz

Answer 5 questions in under 3 minutes every day. But watch out, just one wrong answer and you'll be out!

"Alexa play The Daily Quiz"
"Hey Google talk to The Daily Quiz"

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