What to do with your Alexa this weekend
Posted on
9th April 2021

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The weekend is here! And what better way to spend a sleepy Sunday than playing with the nice robot that lives in your house rent-free (Alexa). Here's our list of some of the best things to try with Alexa this weekend.

Keeping it short

Are you looking for a short story to listen to before bedtime?

Audible Stories gives you a free short story to listen to every week. You can pick between categories like sci-fi, mystery, kids or horror and they’re all narrated by famous voices including Stephen Fry, Sir David Jason, Andrew Scott, Russell Tovey, Juliet Stevenson and Colin Salmon.

Just say “Alexa, open Audible Stories”

Calling all Disney devotees

Are you a Frozen fanatic or a Beauty and the Beast buff? Do you know all the words to Hakuna Matata? The Disney Hits Challenge is a game that tests your knowledge of the titles, characters, and lyrics from Disney's most popular songs. Discover who is the biggest Disney music expert among your family and friends.

Just say, “Alexa, open Disney Hits Challenge”

Dictionary Corner

If you’re a budding etymologist, then Susie Dent’s Word of the Day might be for you. The countdown star is giving you the opportunity to expand your vocabulary with a new fascinating word to learn every day. The other day we discovered "nod-crafty" - which is the knack of nodding the head with an air of great wisdom. We often try to nod-crafty when people talk about blockchain (seriously we don't understand how it works).

Just say, “Alexa, What is Susie Dent's Word of the Day?”

Trivia Hero

Hot off the question-writing presses, we've added a bunch of extra content to our quiz game Trivia Hero this week. If you think you've got what it takes to claim the title of Trivia Hero, just say "Alexa, play Trivia Hero."

Sharing is Caring

Do you sometimes listen to a song and it reminds you of someone special?

Alexa lets you share that song easily with them - using the new music sharing feature. When listening to a song you can say “Alexa share this song with ..”

You’ll need to enable Alexa communications on your account for this to work by going to the Alexa app and tapping on the Communications tab. If you haven’t added any Alexa contacts, tap on the icon in the top right and add friends or family that own an Alexa.


That’s all for this week! Check back regularly for new things to try with your smart speaker!

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