Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions before using our website voicearcade.com or downloading any of our voice assistant applications (hereafter referred to as "Voice Apps").

You should only continue on our website or using labworks.io Voice Apps if you agree to these terms.

Please also ensure you agree to our privacy policy before continuing: voicearcade.com/privacypolicy


All labworks.io Voice Apps have a free experience, but access to the Unlimited version of some Voice Apps is provided in the form of a subscription-based service known as “Voice Arcade Unlimited.”

The Voice Apps included in the subscription, and their content, could change at any time.

Voice Arcade Unlimited includes many of our Voice Apps and will require you to link your account in each Voice App to redeem your membership. Any queries regarding this should be sent to hi@voicearcade.com. Any issues with billing or payment information should be directed to the platform-providers (Amazon and Google.)

The subscription is charged on a monthly basis and is cancellable at any time. Once cancelled you will continue to have access to the Unlimited version of each Voice App until the end of that subscription period.

Other than when the law requires it, subscription fees will not be refunded.

You will be notified by email 30 days in advance of any change to the subscription price. Use of the service after the price change constitutes your agreement to the new subscription fee.


We may take down any Voice App or the website as well as remove and change content at any time without prior notification. Voice Apps may also be temporarily unavailable without notice.

We endeavor to make all our content factually correct and up-to-date, however we cannot guarantee that it will be entirely free from errors. Therefore you should not rely on the content within our Voice Apps or website for anything other than for entertainment purposes.

You may not replicate or use any content from our website or Voice Apps without permission.

labworks.io reserves the right to update these terms of service at any time without notice.