Welcome to The Number Games! The ultimate maths showdown!
Use your maths skills to win medals in 8 different sport-themed events.
To compete in the sprint you'll need to answer 5 simple addition questions as quick as you can.
High Jump
In the high jump you have just 30 seconds to answer a tricky multiplication question. You'll get three chances and the player who solves the hardest sum takes home the gold.
In archery you have 30 seconds to work out how to combine 3 numbers to get as close to the target as possible.
To score the top points in gymnastics you need to execute a perfect multi-step sum with as many tricky calculations as you can handle.
To take home the swimming gold you'll need to solve 5 subtraction questions as quick as you can.
Diving is all about division. The larger number you can divide without getting it wrong the more points you'll score.
To win the cycling you'll need a strong knowledge of your times tables as you answer multiplication questions against the clock.
In the weights you're given three chances to get the highest correct answer when answering a power question.
Think you've got what it takes to clinch gold?
1 - 4 Players
Optimised for screen devices