About Us
Hey there, thanks for checking out Voice Arcade!

Voice Arcade was launched in August 2020 - bringing all our existing voice apps together under one brand.

Our aim is to make Voice Arcade synonymous with voice-gaming.
Our games are available in
7 languages
and 13 countries on both Alexa and Google Assistant
2.4 million
people played our games in 2020
We know no-one likes to pay for things, so you can play our games completely free for a certain amount every day. Or you can subscribe for $1.99 / £1.99 / € 1.99 a month to play unlimited.
Games available in Voice Arcade Unlimited:
Voice Arcade is made by labworks.io - we’re a small team of 7 based in the UK and Lithuania.
Do I have to pay for Voice Arcade?
All of our games are completely free to play every day for a limited time. If you like our games and want to play more, you can subscribe to Unlimited for only $1.99 / £1.99 / € 1.99 a month.
What do I get with Voice Arcade Unlimited?
With Voice Arcade Unlimited you get to play all of our games as much as you like every day! For a full list check out our games page.
Do I get Voice Arcade Unlimited with Amazon Prime?
Unfortunately you don't get Voice Arcade Unlimited with your Amazon Prime membership, but you do get 20% off if you're a Prime member.
Why do I have to pay for Voice Arcade Unlimited?
We're a small independent games studio trying to create the best games possible for your smart speaker. We don't work for Amazon or Google so we're entirely reliant on our players in order to continue supporting the games.
I'm having an issue with my subscription?
Get in touch with us using our contact form and we'll help solve the issue for you.
How do I report an issue with one of the games?
If you've played one of our games and encountered a bug or something that wasn't working correctly, get in touch with us here and we'll fix it asap.