How to relax with Alexa
Posted on
13th May 2021

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We’re all living through very stressful times at the moment, so it’s important to spend some time on your health and wellbeing and Alexa can help with some hands-free meditation and relaxation. Here's a list of some of our favourite Alexa skills to help you unwind.


The Headspace Alexa skill offers quick 15-minute guided meditations - perfect to start your day off in a calm way.

“Alexa, open Headspace”

Relaxing Sounds and Music

Listening to relaxing music is another great way to unwind and there are thousands of great sound skills to try in the Alexa store.

Spa Music is one of the most popular (and works great for meditation) - we also love Thunderstorm Sounds and Seaside Sounds. Have you got a favourite? Let us know!

6-Minute Full Body Stretch

This skill runs through a full body stretch routine in just 6 minutes - which is great to prepare for a busy day or to get some well-deserved relaxation after work.

“Alexa, open full body stretch”

Ambient Visions

If you own an Echo device with a screen and need to set the mood before you curl up with a nice book or want some nice music playing while you study, then 'Ambient Visions' might be for you. This skill has hours of cosy fireplaces, galaxies, thunderstorms and dreamscape videos that you can pair with different kinds of music for a fantastically relaxing experience. It also has one of the better screen interfaces that we've seen and many of the videos are particularly enchanting.

"Alexa, open Ambient Visions"

Feeling relaxed yet? If there are any great calming skills that we've missed - get in touch!

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