The 6 Best Quiz Games on Alexa
Posted on
30th March 2021

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If you’re looking to test your trivia skills with Alexa you’ve come to the right place.

As creators of Voice Arcade we’ve created our fair share of quiz games - so we know which ones are worth checking out.

Here’s a list of our favourites (yes of course we’ve included some our own  - we’re shameless!)

Trivia Hero

Trivia Hero is a quiz game that challenges you to answer as many general knowledge questions as you can in 60 seconds.

There’s a great range of difficulty and it can get very competitive with up to 20 players.

"Alexa, open Trivia Hero"

True or False

True or False, Coca-Cola was originally green?

True or False is a simple yet highly addictive quiz game that will leave you astounded at how many common misconceptions you believe.

It’s great for all ages and has enough questions to keep you entertained for a long time.

Ps. Coca-Cola has never been green

"Alexa, open True or False"


The hit BBC game show has landed on Alexa with both Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman lending their voices to the experience. You only get three questions to answer every day, but watching the classic ‘answerometer’ drop down for a pointless answer (if you have an echo device with a screen) is fantastic.

"Alexa, open Pointless"

Official Harry Potter Quiz

Calling all wizards! Do you know your Boggarts from your Basilisks? Your Puking Pastilles from your Polyjuice Potions?

Now's your chance to put all those years of hard-earned Harry Potter knowledge to the test and earn some extra points for your house. (As long as you're not earning them for Slytherin of course!)

The quiz uses excerpts from the Harry Potter audiobooks as the basis for the questions with players getting the chance to answer 3 questions every day.

Let the wizarding quizzing commence.

“Alexa, play Harry Potter quiz.”

The Daily Quiz

The Daily Quiz challenges you to answer 3 general knowledge questions in under 3 minutes every day.

Get all of them right in the quickest time to become today’s champion.

Win each day to get the coveted prize of The Daily Quiz all-time champion.

"Alexa, open The Daily Quiz"

Beat the Intro

Beat the Intro plays a short section of a song and you have to guess the song title and artist as quickly as possible. The game is hosted by Moozzo, and has some excellent sound effects to guide you through the experience.

"Alexa, play Beat the Intro"

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