The 5 best Fake News Stories
Posted on
15th March 2021

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Fake news and disinformation have never been more prevalent online and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to spot fact from fiction. So we made a game that challenges players to do just that!

Available on Alexa, ‘The Fake News Game’ reads out a headline and you have to guess whether it actually happened or not.

We can’t promise you’ll become a fully-fledged fact checker after playing, but at the very least some of these headlines (fictitious or not) - are hilarious.

Here are some of the stories that our players liked the best, can you work out whether they’re real or fake?

In 2018, Canadian Zoo Owners were charged for taking a bear out for a drive to get him ice cream.

Surprisingly, it’s Real!

A private zoo posted the viral video showing 1-year-old Berkley eating an ice-cream at a drive-through.

43% of our players got that one wrong!

In July 2017, rabbits were pictured riding on the back of sheep to escape rising flood waters in New Zealand.

It’s actually real!

The farmer said he had never seen anything like it and snapped the pictures because he knew his family would never believe what he had witnessed.

52% of our players got it right.

In 2016, a Christian theme park featuring a Noah's Ark exhibit was destroyed by a flood.

As hilarious as this would have been - it’s fake.

While it’s true that a Noah’s Ark-themed attraction was built in Kentucky, the project was not destroyed by a flood.

The satirical story originated on the website The Good Lord Above in 2016.

In 2017, a young girl unplugged her grandfather's life support machine to charge her phone?

Its Fake!

Despite being shared widely by outlets such as Buzzflare, Elite Readers and Tribune News, there is no truth in the story.

60% of our players were fooled by that one!

In 2016, an obese hedgehog was forced to go on a diet after being incapable of rolling up into a ball.

It’s Real!

The hedgehog, appropriately named, Jabba, was put on a strict diet of liquefied dog food, having been overfed by his previous owner.

60% of players got this one correct.


To hear even more wacky news stories, play the Fake News Game on your Alexa device, just ask Alexa to play The Fake News Game

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