How to set Alexa Routines
Posted on
21st March 2021

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One of the best features that Alexa provides is routines.

Routines let you bundle together and automate several tasks and give you many different ways of triggering them. For example, (the radio and lights turning on in the morning after your alarm, or having the thermostat start warming your house before you come in from work.)

To set routines:

Open the Alexa app

Open More and select Routines.

Select Plus - When this happens, and follow the steps in the app to choose what starts your routine.

Select Add action, and follow the steps in the app to choose the action of your routine. You can select multiple actions for the same routine.

Tap Save

Here’s one example of a routine we use a lot in the morning that doesn’t involve any smart home shenanigans:

Alarm set for 7.30am


Play BBC News 

Traffic (for the post-global pandemic! times)

Calendar Update

Play On This Day (tells you some interesting historical facts about this day in history)

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